Program Overview
Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030 state the desire to diversify its industries by fostering a knowledge-based economy. The generation of new and better ideas is at the center of this vision.

The Takamul program is a national innovation support program developed and operated by the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC).

The program is created to facilitate the integration of each stage of the innovation cycle, from the generation of ideas to the practical and commercial application of these ideas into products, solutions and services.

To date the program supported innovations in the Health & Medical, ICT, Clean-tech, Semiconductor, Oil & Gas Services, Energy, Advance Materials infrastructure and Lifestyle industries.
About the Takamul name and logo
Takamul (meaning “Integration”) describes the “integral” mathematical operation that is a cornerstone of calculus. In mathematics, an integral represents the sum of results for an equation between two points.

Similar to its mathematical namesake, Takamul’s ultimate mission is to facilitate the integration of each stage of the innovation cycle between the starting point (generating ideas) and the end state (the practical application of these ideas through innovative products, solutions and services).

This is illustrated in the program’s logo – an integral sign that begins with ideas (colored in grey) and transitions into application (colored in red).
The Takamul Program supports Emirati national individuals, and UAE based academic institutions and companies by:
Intellectual Property Workshops
Increasing awareness about the different concepts of Intellectual Property (IP) and the mechanics of filing patents, through IP workshops for industry and academia.
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Support for patent filings
Providing legal and financial support for international patent filings with the United States Patent Office (USPTO) and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) – an international agreement which includes 146 countries.
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Success Stories
During its 3 years of operation, the Takamul program supported the filing of patents for several exciting innovations. A selection of these is illustrated in the program’s annual brochure and several news articles.

Download 2013 Brochure

Download 2012 Brochure

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Listed below are some of the entities supported to-date:

Takamul Corporate - 2013

Contact Us
For specific inquiries about the Takamul program, you can reach us at :
+971 2 6511 200
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